i have seen

"les petits mouchoirs"

and of course it made me want to go to a little summer getaway with friends, and have some wine with fresh oysters.


i'm listening

"chet baker"

 and i can't get enough of it. my favorite is my funny valentine.


i want

 "chanel perfume bottle bag"

oh, i'm in love with this bag! first i had mixed feelings but soon enough i fell in love with it. more i looked, more i adored.


i ate

"at tarallucci e vino"

@15 E 18th, Flatiron


i ate

"at tbsp"

@17W20th, Flatiron

it has been a while

for a while(!) i was very busy and overwhelmed with all the things i have to do, so i could not find any time to have a look at my blog, or any other blogs. 
i moved to new york, i got married, had to leave my lovely cats back home, started a brand new journey, got a new apartment obviously and so on. 
but now i feel like i can get back on track with sharing the stuff that i like.

btw i want to add a new 'section' to the blog and share the places i liked. restaurants, cafes,  shops, parks, hidden spots, etc. we'll see how that goes.


i have seen

"the talented mr. ripley"
yes, i've seen it before but when a movie that i remember i loved starts to fade away in my mind, i want to watch it again. this is a great movie with its cast, scenes, music, costumes and italy of course.