i'm listening


by emilie simon. i really like this woman. cute and edgy at the same time! 

btw english version of the song is as good as the french version.
this is the french one: http://fizy.com/#s/1d7bfm


i have seen

"io sono l'amore"

it is a 2009 movie and i haven't seen it recently but i remembered that i did not post anything related to that great movie. i may watch it again soon, not only because it was great, but also because i want to see some italy. it has been a while since i watched a movie, set in italy. i missed it.
the scenes are awesome. tilda swinton is, of course, at her best. and the costumes! ah! just great.


attenzione: if you'll watch it, i highly recommend you to do so with a bottle of cold, white wine by your side. and another one in the fridge. 


i loved

"Prada F/W 2012/13 show"

it was really exciting to see Willem Dafoe and Adrien Brody on the runway! especially Adrien. and to see them that cool and covered with prada... loved it!

here is the full show!



i baked


not the best idea at this hour of the night i guess.

took one when just out of the oven.


happy new year to all!

the party was great!
i hope everyone enjoyed it like i did.