i cooked

"italian grissini"

i bought a rosemary recently and she lives in my balcony for a week now. having a vegetable or herb alive in a house makes the house a home, i believe. these grissini are the first ones to benefit my lovely rosemary. 

other than rosemary, i also added caraway black seeds (nigella sativa) to some of them. it could be done with fresh basil and/or fresh thyme also. chopped olives can be added too. 

it's best when it is served with some good olive oil(put some freshly chopped herbs in it) and white wine. 

by the way: singular: grissino / plural: grissini

i want

"the sartorialist book"

i love the sartorialist and this book should be in my library right between my art and fashion books. when i saw it in the bookstore, i wrote it down to my "to buy list" (yes i have a to buy list).


i want

"atlas marcato"

i want you atlas pasta machine! i'll get you as soon as i can and hopefully i'll not turn into a carb obese human being.

*edit: yay! i got it(: i'll write a post about it as soon as i find some time and prepare some fresh pasta(:


i have seen

"La Môme"

since i love edith piaf and i love marion cotillard this movie was a must to see for me. but i kept postponing it till today. it's not surprising that marion cotillard won an oscar for her performance in the movie...

i want

"chanel khakis"

aren't they nice? i may buy them actually. 

i love

"alexander wang"

i always liked alexander wang. maybe because he seems so warm and friendly and definitely because he's a great designer. 

i loved his 2010 fall/winter collection. i can say that i enjoyed his 2011 spring/summer collection too. but the main thing i like was the runway hair i must admit.


i have seen

"vicky cristina barcelona"

for the 3rd time. maybe the 4th i don't really know... this movie makes me happy everytime i watch it. and it makes me want a europe trip with some good wine.


i went

"blues festival"

well, it's like a tradition for me and my friends to attend the event, i guess. yesterday -just like last year and the year before that- we had fun and danced with the blues 'till midnight.
keywords: blues, beer, dance.

ps: i really liked when one of the musicians said that they do the music about 3 main things: food, booze and love.


i baked

"chocolate cake"

i've baked this chocolate cake just an hour ago and i really loved it. the recipe is from cafe fernando . i must admit that i'm trying not to eat at this hour of the night but it seems like i'm failing. 

edit: last week i made one again

i have seen

"la belle personne"

a Christophe Honoré film. with Louis Garrel starring, every french movie is above average. but this movie was interesting too. still, there were some things that i did not really like about the movie: the relationships were too much (in terms of quantity and span) to keep track of. some of the characters and their significant actions, emotions and motives did not relate to anything at the end. it felt like they were incompleted. 
but overall, the movie was good and french!(:

i have seen

"je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas"

great movie with great soundtrack.  


i have found

"a new site"

this site could have been my new ffffound. but after a while all the images seems so alike and it gets a bit boring instead of inspiring. also the site is very slow. or is it my pc?


i have read


by Chuck Palahniuk. He is genius, brave and talented. I adore his books.
I also recently bought Invisible Monsters. 

recommended books: Choke, Diary.


i have done

"little notebooks"

i have done these colorful notebooks with pamhplet stitch binding. 
the ones in the 3rd photo have watercolor abstract paintings on their front and back cover.
the ones in the 4th, have black covers and orange, red and blue pages.
the last one's every page is different color.


i have done


i made myself a new cookbook which -hopefully- will stay clean and in order. for now i only added 3-4 dessert recipes. i'll only write down the recipes that i tried out and liked. 

i'm listening


mika's homepage
recommended tracks: blame it on the girls, pick up off the floor, rain

i cooked

"pear cake"

i baked a pear cake today! everyone seems to like it so far. i had a slice with some green tea. this is a way of welcoming autumn i guess...

i have seen

"The Secret World of Haute Couture"

BBC's great documentary about haute couture: The Secret World of Haute Couture. I loved it, and i think i may have envied the ones who are able to purchase and wear the great artworks in their crème de la crème world.


i want

"Moules frites"

nowadays, i really want to cook and eat some moules frites with some good beer. however i can't find any mussels in any fish market around. so i just have to expect to find some by chance. 'till then i'll keep myself busy with photos like that!

photo credit: design sponge

i'm listening

"I Monster"

recommended tracks: daydream in blue, everyone's a loser, the backseat of my car

i have seen


one of the best movies audrey hepburn starring. with the great costumes of course.