i love

"the lanvin ad"

i'm loving it for a long time but since i posted the hilfiger ad, it would be unfair for this super adorable ad to go without a share. i want to learn how to dance lanvin style. with the lanvin clothes on. and the shoes. and the accesories. 

edit: This song is definitely going to my playlist for the new year's party.


i love

"my 2 new kittens"

it has been 3 weeks today. these are the most adorable, cutest kittens i've seen. when i got them they were 1 month old. they are still tiny but growing bigger everyday. Merlin(formerly Marilyn but had to (sort of) change the name after the vet told me it was a male also) and Pierre.


i love

"the tommy hilfiger ad"

i just want to be there! or be the blonde woman when i get older. well, i don't want to get old. just saying.

ps: and i loved loved loved the song!

i want

"the new year's eve to come"

not just for the thousands of stuff on my to do list for next week, but also for the party i've been planning for. this week was full of going back and forth between blogs, facebook and (i'm sorry to admit) 9gag, when instead i should have been going back and forth between accounting, investment and management stuff. also i tried out the recipes of fingerfood that i plan to put on buffet on my new year's eve cocktail party. so, eating has a new cover: tasting. tasting brownies, tasting gravlax, tasting this and that. i don't know how i'll get into the little black dress i got for the party!