i love

"the red carpet"

more than the awards, what really made me excited with the academy awards was the parade of gorgeous gowns. late but here, these are some of my favorites:

michel hazanavicius was amazing with his gucci tuxedo and of course- his oscars!

they are always amazing as a couple, yet if there was no "here is-my-leg-posture" it would be better.

lovely michelle williams with her silk louis vuitton gown.

 i loved loved loved emma stone in red giambattista valli. 

and kristen wiig in j. mendel! it was stunning. 

at first i had my doubts but at last i really liked sandra bullock's marchesa gown. still, not sure if it's the best fit for her age and body.

cute as hell! steven spielberg.


i have seen

"annie hall"

i don't like the early movies of woody allen, where he always puts himself in the movie one way or another.  it's not that i watched many of them, but still. i have to admit that i don't really like woody allen as well. it's that thing when you don't like a person, but like his/her work. gets quite confusing. thinking about my love towards some of his quite recent movies like matchpoint or vicky cristina barcelona; i thought i should give it a shot. with the help of my adoration towards diane keaton, i watched it. i liked it, too. especially naturally beautiful & radiant annie hall and her style. 


i have read

"the bell jar"

it is intense and smooth at the same time. keeps you in the "jar" the whole time, and lets you out when it wants to. simply put: work of art!

ps: i haven't seen it, but there is a movie about sylvia plath also: Sylvia. looks interesting.


i loved

"these pieces"

from the balmain's s/s 2012 collection. i don't hate, but also don't adore balmain. but this season i loved these pieces. 

edit: and also these from the resort 2012

i love

"cooking and baking"

but i don't really like eating alone. last week i was all alone at home, working.  when i'm alone i don't really cook a lot and i do eat less. still, i try. i even tried to make the breakfast fun. yet, how fun can a french toast be.


i missed

"the spring"

when we would go to the lake and get lazy on the grass, under the shadow of the trees. 


i have seen

"the louis vuitton ad campaign"

for spring/summer 2012. the ads are out now. yes, the vintage atmosphere of prada, the edgy simplicity of chanel, the sharpness of tom ford, the boldness of miu miu is great. but i really love the louis vuitton campaign. i'll mention my favorite outfits and accesories of the S/S collections later on. but only considering the ad campaigns, this is my favorite. cute, fun, classy and sexy at the same time! that is hard to do.

and this is the making of. don't you just love Marc Jacobs!

i love

"bright mornings"

and so does merlin.