i love

"the lanvin ad"

i'm loving it for a long time but since i posted the hilfiger ad, it would be unfair for this super adorable ad to go without a share. i want to learn how to dance lanvin style. with the lanvin clothes on. and the shoes. and the accesories. 

edit: This song is definitely going to my playlist for the new year's party.


i love

"my 2 new kittens"

it has been 3 weeks today. these are the most adorable, cutest kittens i've seen. when i got them they were 1 month old. they are still tiny but growing bigger everyday. Merlin(formerly Marilyn but had to (sort of) change the name after the vet told me it was a male also) and Pierre.


i love

"the tommy hilfiger ad"

i just want to be there! or be the blonde woman when i get older. well, i don't want to get old. just saying.

ps: and i loved loved loved the song!

i want

"the new year's eve to come"

not just for the thousands of stuff on my to do list for next week, but also for the party i've been planning for. this week was full of going back and forth between blogs, facebook and (i'm sorry to admit) 9gag, when instead i should have been going back and forth between accounting, investment and management stuff. also i tried out the recipes of fingerfood that i plan to put on buffet on my new year's eve cocktail party. so, eating has a new cover: tasting. tasting brownies, tasting gravlax, tasting this and that. i don't know how i'll get into the little black dress i got for the party!


i have seen


tonight. and i'm back home just now. it was so great that i didn't want it to end. loved it!


i baked

"chocolate chip cookies"

and took a photo this time. i'll leave for a small vacation and meet with my family tomorrow and i wanted to make some cookies for them.


i'm listening

"black box recorder"

recommended tracks: girl singing in the wreckage, england made me and all the others.


i baked

"walnut and carrot cake"

when i should be studying for my finance exam. well i am studying... i just bake some stuff when i take some breaks. yesterday i cooked chocolate chip cookies. before that it was bitter chocolate cake. 
at least i'm just eating a slice or two.


i missed

"mad men"

i really can't wait for the new season to start.


i'm listening

"pass this on"

by the knife. i really love this song. and before i go to sleep i just wanted hear it again. enjoy.


i have read

"the romantic movement"

by alain de botton. now he is one of my favorite writers.
i rarely think that a certain writer is a genius. after i read the book i think alain de botton is one. the book is not like a novel that is to be read and put away. underlining sentences that strike you is just unintentional. also, it is not really a book that is to be categorized. not just a novel, not a self development book, not really a deeply philosophical one. just great.
now i'm reading "kiss & tell".


i'm listening


by joy division.

recommended tracks: transmission, she's lost control, love will tear us apart

i also liked watching the movie "control". highly recommended!


i have seen


for the 8th time. i missed watching it. it makes me feel things that i would not dare to feel. it makes me bold in saying things to myself, that i would be scared to say. confronting yourself is harder than anyhing.


i missed


now that i got the internship that i wanted, i can whine about something else. 
i wake up early and come home not so late but tired. and there is no one home, meaning that no one to cook for.
last summer i went to an eco-village for a week. yes: no electricity, no signal, no nothing. but there was a cute open kitchen with not so many ingredients available. i now remember and realize that even though it's just pasta, i really liked cooking in there. 



"amy winehouse"

"we only said goodbye with words
i died a hundred times."


i love


espacially if i'm having a quiet vacation somewhere near the sea. with really cold sangria, white wine, limoncello or whatever. and not carrying around my canon but using instagram instead. not the best idea, still quite practical.


i find

"old photos"

from vintage and antique shops. i don't know who the people are but, actually not knowing the story makes it more exciting. i can just make them up.
the photos are small. like 5*10 cm or so. and they are quite old.
 this photo was the first one that i bought. it initiated my collection in a way. i really like it.
 about this one, i liked the genuine attitude and outlook of these young men.
 this seems like the man kissed her right before the photographer pressed the button. maybe it was the first time he kissed her. who knows.
this photo seems like a  movie scene. also the light and the sharpness of the details are quite nice.



i have seen


for 2 or 3 times before. i can watch it again i guess. but not as into it as i was in my last years of high school. it felt different back then. i'm sure it would feel different now. 
it was (and is) a great movie. calm but in a knowingly irritating way sometimes. scenes and landscapes are great. music! it is wonderful! 
dandelion is one of the movies that i loved the soundtracks of.

you should listen:

edit: i now realize that the boy is vincent kartheiser, pete campbell of madmen!


i'm looking for

"the hairdo"

that will suit best to my evening dress thats being made. it will be like the Zuhair Murad dresses of 2010 fall. some changes and alterations... fabrics and tones that are more suitable for an early summer wedding of my cousin... it is a bit hard to find the shoes, especially before i see the whole dress. overall, i hope it will be stunning!

but i don't want my hair to be that sleek. i'll have a haircut these days anyway. so i can choose any of these styles that i liked and get it. i know the hairstylists don't like the customers going in the saloon with a photo on their hand, but there's nothing i can do. how do they expect me to like anything they do?

edit: my dress turned out to be a total failure. paying for it makes it much painful.


i love


i went there for the first time 2 years ago, while i was travelling in europe with train. and i loved it! 
this summer i may go to florence again. i hope i will.

i made

"a little herb garden"

and i wrote about it. and i'm putting this to just show how they grew up. i feel like they are my children or something. i can't even eat them!


i bought

"inglot 969"

i loved the whole pastel collection i must admit. but i really like this mint green color that i bought. 'till now i was so prejudice to green in nail colors. but this, i really adore. well, i do consider trying even the yellow one of this collection. even yellow! oh god.