i loved

"2012 S/S Valentino Couture"

yes, it does not look so modern and so on, but once in a while everyone would like to feel as if they are in a fairy tale. well, at least i would. i loved the sheer fabrics, details on the wrists and the back, color scheme that is so airy and the flow of the clothes. loved it!

 this is my favorite!

and i loved the effortless natural look of the models' hair and make-up.


i miss


few moments ago, in the office, i missed the day i had in prague. the beautiful garden near the castle, sitting on the grass and sipping the wine we shared.

i miss getting a backpack and just travelling across cities and countries. a few days off to a nice city would be lovely too.


i'm going to

"cooking classes"

on saturdays. it is mostly chinese, but there will be thai and japanese as well. also a separate class for only sushi. it is so much fun and also really delicious. yes, we eat all we cook!

 first week was just knife skills.

 the delicious wonton soup!
sweet sour chicken
 next week is just dumplings, wontons and rolls. yum! 


i love


and this book "tartine bread" is on my cookbook wishlist. i'm not a really talented bread baker. still, i do bake every now and then. i had a sourdough starter once, that died unfortunately. yet, i quess it is a sign of passion and hopefully a further trial to come.
see the video below that is refreshingly inspiring.