i have seen

"christmas in san francisco"

even though it doesn't seem like the cliché christmas without the snow, red & white and so on everywhere, it has the atmosphere. i'm still in sf. from now on, for a while my posts will be about sf. but not yet. i'm waiting for my trip to end to organize my photos and etc. Still i wanted to post sth about sf while i'm here. following photos are from yesterday.


i'm listening

"Le Fate Ignoranti Soundtrack"

i really love this movie. and i watched it ten times maybe, but still i want to watch it again and again. the songs are really good or it reminds me of the movie, that's why i feel that they are great. either way i love it.

i have seen

"the snow"

when i woke up this morning. yesterday it started to snow, but didn't seem like it was  going to stay. this morning it was kind of surprising for me to see this beautiful view. remember i said i don't like snow? i'm kind of confused right now(:

then i prepared myself a nice breakfast: crêpes with banana and honey, green apples, black tea. and enjoyed the view from my warm, cosy room(:


i went

"to the lake"

for breakfast last week. it was a surprise for me too. especially after all these days in library, studying. it was a great escape for a few hours. and the breakfast was great. 
it is a small lake, a bit far away from the city center, calm and quiet. luckily it was also sunny and warm.
farewell to fall...

i want

"warm weather"

it is december. yet the weather started resembling winter just a few days ago. they say that it'll snow in 2-3 days but i'm not looking forward to it to tell the truth. 
i'm still enjoying the remainings of fall. 
even my rosemary feels like spring. she's kinda confused though.