i ate

"my first shrimps"

i haven't eaten shrimps, ever! until a few days ago. i love cooking and i do cook shrimps, prawns etc. but i had never eaten them before. stupid i know but it's because they are a kind of an insect. at least they look like one. anyway, lately i decided that i have to start trying to eat what i didn't want to before. of course i won't go and eat monkey brains or dogs. but i'll "try to try" what many people have no problems eating. what i don't eat is basicly what looks ugly when alive. or cute. i don't eat calamari, ugly looking fish, crab, octopus, lobster etc. and i also don't eat rabbit, duck and other cute little things. i'm not sure if i'll ever be able to -not that i want to- eat the second group, ever.
anyway... this eating shrimps thing may look as one small step for mankind, but it is one giant leap for me!

i love

"my small make-up kit"

i don't really do so much makeup. but i love these little rescuers that make me look as if i'm not sleepy out of bed or tired. i really don't like heavy make-up, or even any make-up that shows itself rightaway. yet, a little make-up just makes you look much more clean and chic. 


i have seen

"my best friend"

after so much time. it was great. we talked and talked and talked to catch up. finally we did! martinis and mojitos were there with us of course. even though we can not see each other often, after every night-out with her i realize that nothing can replace a true friend. 


i loved

"this photo"

i've seen that a new exhibition in La Triennale di Milano is on the run right now. it is: "Cinema with a hat. Borsalino and other stories". i can't go there obviously and unfortunately. but, i think that regrets worth nothing and everyone should find something good in nearly everything. that's why i loved this only photo that i've seen in vogue's website. the exhibition is until 20 march, if there is anyone out there who is able to go there.
ps: this is just like the fedora hat on my wishlist!


i made

"quince jam"

yes i did. and concentrating on cooking does not mess up my finals either. i proved that today.
after taking my exam i came back home to do as i've said yesterday. i don't really know how they will turn out because i haven't made jam before. never. and when they are hot/warm i can't really tell how they exactly taste.
anyway. i used reduced apple juice instead of sugar and water, so it tasted bit more sour than the ordinary jams -not that i'm the expert on jams. even if they are not so sweet i think they will taste really good, just as they look.


i bought


it was like the love at first sight. i knew i had to have them! there are 4 of these little guys and they are all so cute. i think i may be a little crazy about all these kitchen stuff. anyway. when i saw these i decided that i could make some jam. since it is winter, i'll go with the quince i guess. i don't really like jam but quince is less sweet and sugary, so it is much better for me. also i won't use any sugar. instead i'll reduce some apple juice and also add a bit of natural pectin.
tomorrow if i have time, i'll do it.


i made

"banana pudding"

i know that i made chocolate-banana yesterday. and today it is banana pudding. opposite of what you may think, i don't eat much of the stuff that i make. especially sweets. i'm not a sweet tooth myself. i just taste them usually. that's why, no i'm not overdosing myself with glucose lately. 
few months ago i wanted some chocolate pudding. and i don't really like the stuff that are coming out of packages full with chemicals that make the stuff last longer. i want to make the things that i eat myself, from fresh. that's why i make my own pasta most of the time. the fresh pasta keeps up to a month at most, when dried. but for the ones that are in a package, it takes years to reach the expiration date. isn't it weird and disturbing? anyway. when i craved(!) for that chocolate pudding -which is rare- i wanted to make it myself. that was when i realised that it is really easy to make. i just don't know why people (until that time including me) just use the ready-made powders.
today i wanted to make banana pudding. and here it is.


i made

"chocolate-banana slices"

i wanted to try this out for some time now. an hour ago i made it! my finals and assignments could not stop me from going into kitchen. again.
these are just thick banana slices dipped in melt chocolate (milk chocolate + bitter chocolate). but they are great!


i baked


lately i realize that i'm into italian cooking a lot! yes, i like the flavors. yes, i love pasta. but there is something different about it. it is passionate. it is intuitive. i also love that there is no exact measurement in italian cooking.
anyway... what i tried out this time was biscotti. italian biscuit in a way. wait! this is kind of an insult. i apologize. biscotti is a twice baked almond cake slices. i don't know about all of the others but mine was with almond and espresso. this is nota kind of "biscuit" that you can eat all day. because it is a little heavy on almonds. but it goes well with espresso or other kinds of coffee. and the good thing is it holds up well when contained in a tight jar. 

it is a bit messy though

before baking

biscotti cooling down

singular: biscotto / plural: biscotti


i have seen

"the rabbit hole"

yesterday i wanted to watch a movie just like this. maybe i liked it because it was just what i wanted. or maybe it is a great movie. i'll go with the second one. the story seems a bit classic but the movie is not what you'd expect. in a good way. i like movies, books and stories that focus on internal conflicts, dilemmas and relationships. no wonder i loved this movie. 

i want

"marc jacobs ipad case"

i saw these long ago, but they do not work without an ipad do they? now, since i bought one, i can buy a case too. aren't they cute? they are very practical too. also the fabric is nice and protective. 

i'm listening

"blower's daughter"

by damien rice, from The Closer soundtrack. i really love this song, the whole album and the movie itself. 

but i'm not listening this or writing what i'm writing right now from my own laptop. 'cause it's not working.
nowadays everything is breaking apart. literally. my laptop, my keychains, my wallet, necklaces, rings... they are trying to drive me insane. 
for the last two weeks i was travelling, taking photographs, shopping etc. now i can't upload any of my photos, because my laptop is not working. i can't even setup my ipad, well my laptop is not working. 
it is frustrating.
still, times like these make me realize how dependent i am to my "stuff". even when my phone has some kind of a problem i stress out without a rational reason. as if these "stuff" are my life support and can not be replaced.
i think every once in a while it is "healthy" to face situations like that to keep up with reality. 
lack of radiation did not kill anyone i guess.