i ate

"my first shrimps"

i haven't eaten shrimps, ever! until a few days ago. i love cooking and i do cook shrimps, prawns etc. but i had never eaten them before. stupid i know but it's because they are a kind of an insect. at least they look like one. anyway, lately i decided that i have to start trying to eat what i didn't want to before. of course i won't go and eat monkey brains or dogs. but i'll "try to try" what many people have no problems eating. what i don't eat is basicly what looks ugly when alive. or cute. i don't eat calamari, ugly looking fish, crab, octopus, lobster etc. and i also don't eat rabbit, duck and other cute little things. i'm not sure if i'll ever be able to -not that i want to- eat the second group, ever.
anyway... this eating shrimps thing may look as one small step for mankind, but it is one giant leap for me!

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