i know

"i've been away for a while"

i was quite busy but i'll be posting new stuff soon. just after the new year's eve probably. till then happy new year and party on!


i want

"the amethyst clutch"

from chanel's 12/13 f/w collection. it is adorable just as it is. a black simple gown or even a lbd and this clutch would be perfect together.


i have seen

"it's getting late by massy tadjedin"

even though i try to deny, the summer is over. the falling leaves, the colors around and the change itself are the only things that make me feel excited about fall. this short movie of Miu Miu is a nice welcome to the new season.


i loved

"Valentino's Resort '13 collection"

another masterpiece from chiuri and piccioli!

 these two are just so valentino! still, they surprise and amaze you. they look as if they ara not real, just a piece of a dream.

it is feminine and strong at the same time. while this is a unique, it has a classical and familiar aura. 
 i especially loved these black looks. they are simple, elegant but still edgy at the same time. i love these sharp looks. and the collars! just amazing. i also loved the cuffs on the second look a lot.

the jacket!


i love


and this short film for 2012 spring summer is so nice. abbey lee and her band our mountain is in it.

i have seen

"mona lisa smile"

yes, it is not a recent movie. not a classic either. yet, the characters, images and the costumes made me like it a lot. especially maggie gyllenhaal and julia stiles. they are -as always- so beautiful and strong.

i want

"printed shorts"

for this summer. lots and lots of them are on my wishlist. well, i couldn't do a big summer shopping yet. so, i don't feel like summere is here even though the weather makes it obvious that it is. this summer i want to fill my wardrobe with lots of prints. and hopefully the shorts will be the star.

the burberry london (above) and the giambattista valli(below) are my favorites!

 j crew (above) and the tory burch (below) are really cute too.


i love

"retro bikinis"

well it may not be so flattering if you are not model-thin at least. Yet, they are adorable!

i loved this one!

this one is a swimsuit from dsquared2 but still works.

this is from the Michael Kors' recent collection.


i love

"the gucci 1970 bag"

i know the "women love bags" is a cliché. but sometimes it regains the meaning! 


i made


today. i changed the original recipe a bit and it turned out really well. since the summer is nearly here, it is best with vanilla ice-cream.


i have seen

"l'odyssée de cartier"

and i loved it. here it is.

from the cartier panthers these are the ones that i adore.


i loved

"this gown"

from marchesa's s/s '12 collection.

i'm looking for a gown for an event in this (late)summer. it's quite early i know, but i looove to shop for gowns. this time when i like something it always turns out to be marchesa. but i can't really decide between an elegant, simple gown or a trash couture one.


i made

"fresh ricotta"

today. it is easier than it sounds.

 it was delicious on a country bread, topped with honey and rosemary. 


i want

"a perfect herb garden"

not a big one of course. just a few pots and some herbs. something that you can create at home, adore it and enthusiastically use in cooking. i have some basil growing, but it is really hard to be patient.


i loved

"2012 S/S Valentino Couture"

yes, it does not look so modern and so on, but once in a while everyone would like to feel as if they are in a fairy tale. well, at least i would. i loved the sheer fabrics, details on the wrists and the back, color scheme that is so airy and the flow of the clothes. loved it!

 this is my favorite!

and i loved the effortless natural look of the models' hair and make-up.


i miss


few moments ago, in the office, i missed the day i had in prague. the beautiful garden near the castle, sitting on the grass and sipping the wine we shared.

i miss getting a backpack and just travelling across cities and countries. a few days off to a nice city would be lovely too.


i'm going to

"cooking classes"

on saturdays. it is mostly chinese, but there will be thai and japanese as well. also a separate class for only sushi. it is so much fun and also really delicious. yes, we eat all we cook!

 first week was just knife skills.

 the delicious wonton soup!
sweet sour chicken
 next week is just dumplings, wontons and rolls. yum! 


i love


and this book "tartine bread" is on my cookbook wishlist. i'm not a really talented bread baker. still, i do bake every now and then. i had a sourdough starter once, that died unfortunately. yet, i quess it is a sign of passion and hopefully a further trial to come.
see the video below that is refreshingly inspiring.


i love

"the red carpet"

more than the awards, what really made me excited with the academy awards was the parade of gorgeous gowns. late but here, these are some of my favorites:

michel hazanavicius was amazing with his gucci tuxedo and of course- his oscars!

they are always amazing as a couple, yet if there was no "here is-my-leg-posture" it would be better.

lovely michelle williams with her silk louis vuitton gown.

 i loved loved loved emma stone in red giambattista valli. 

and kristen wiig in j. mendel! it was stunning. 

at first i had my doubts but at last i really liked sandra bullock's marchesa gown. still, not sure if it's the best fit for her age and body.

cute as hell! steven spielberg.