i have read


by AndrĂ© Maurois. 
i bought it a while back, but found no time and effort to read it. well, i could not read it actually. now that i've read it really fast and with such enthusiasm, i can say that back then it was because of me that i couldn't read it. 
i think i had to be in love. 


i'm listening

"frederic auger"

nowadays. just the two songs but i think they are really good!
i found out that he is a non-celeb, french music man. i guess he composes music for commercials, tv etc.

this is also nice (mostly cute):



i have seen

"les amours imaginaires"

by xavier dolan. he is the director, writer, actor, producer, editor, art director, costume designer of the movie! and learning now that xavier is only a few months older than me! yet, this is not his only movie.
les amours imaginaires (aka heartbeats) was great! the movie itself! musics and the costumes! i don't really know if i could/should describe it.
just see the movie and you'll know what i'm talking about.


"I know it was him .I'll never love anyone else that much.Tough. I can handle it . I know it's usually later in life that you meet your soul mate. Me, too bad. It happened now,when I'am 25. 
It's not even about sex. I don't care about sex. That's not the main thing. 
What's important is to wake up with someone. To spoon with that person. 
That's what matters, the spoon. Knowing that if a bad guy comes, someone is there.
 That's a metaphor. Bad guys never come. You wake up with the wind. 
A warm belly, the one who loves you breathing against your shoulder.
That's it,the spoon"