i want

"mulberry tillie"

well, this is much more realistic than me wanting a Birkin. 
Birkin is my utopia bag and i don't like saying "i want this bag, i want that bag". talking like that makes me feel like betraying to Birkin and i could never do that! 
and for a long time i did not like mulberry, because i think that it is trying to be like a hermes (especially with alexa/birkin issue as if they are in the same league). no i'm not playing with words or attributing human behaviors to bags. and i most certainly am not a schizophrenic who thinks the bags are her friends and are like human. no! but i believe in them having personality a little. 
anyway... i still don't like alexa (not the Chung surely) but i like tillie a lot. 
well, it is like "alexa out, tillie in" anyways.
not like my love towards Birkin of course. but as a bag outside the utopia it is really adorable!
 *edit: well, i think it is quite obvious that i loved the croco.

*edit 2: no no no!  i want a mulberry bayswater bag. same color though.


i made

"a little herb garden"

with the seeds that i bought last month. it took a little while for them to shoot, but now they look so cute! the chives and the thyme did not come out though. but i re-seeded the thyme. also i bought some arugula seeds yesterday and replaced it with the chives.

 awesome parsley!
cool basil.
poor sage...


i love

"Giovanna Battaglia"

not just the style but her attitude. she looks -and, i assume she is- elegant and chic, but also friendly-not just social- and warm.
what i find quite funny about her is that she looks like she can't spend a second without talking on, texting with, or just holding her cell phone. not that she is the only one though.


i love

"chanel couture hair&make-up"

for this season. 
the make-up may not be striking or glamourous as many others, but it is chic and clean. yet, it is creative and different.

i may even try it soon.

i went

"over to my friends"

i like inviting over my friends and i love seeing them enjoy the food that i cook. but, i also enjoy being invited over to a dinner. 
last week i went to a friends' house for dinner. 
they told me to buy some bread and wine on the way, and i said ok. later on, i realized that there was plenty of time to "make" some bread instead. 
i had some rye flour and some regular flour. 
my rye flour on hand was enough to make 4 small ones. and i made 4 more from the white, just in case.
making bread is pretty easy actually, contrary to how it is perceived by many people. 
it is an "ancient" recipe, literally. flour, water, yeast and salt. that is all. it only takes some time. waiting for the dough to rise may be a problem if you have nothing to do meanwhile. 
when the breads and i were ready to go; i jumped into my car and got some red & white wine on the way. when i arrived at their house, the table was looking great and the smell of the food was appetizing. even if i wasn't starving, i wouldn't eat less! 
i don't always like to drink while having the dinner, so when we left the table to continue our chat on the sofas at the opposite side of the kitchen (yes they have a quite large one) i had a glass of white wine (then, continued on of course) and joined the others. 
the night altogether was really nice.
food, wine, friends. what could you want more?.. 
except the next day's hangover to go away.


i love


just almost every women love shopping. actually i believe there is a specific area in the brain -or maybe heart- that stimulates the desire to acquire certain clothing items; put directly: to shop.
why i wrote "almost every women" is to exclude people, who get stressed out and bored while shopping, like my mom. 
on the other hand i love every kind of shopping: shopping as we know it, window shopping, online shopping, shopping in a mall, shopping in street, in a bazaar...

even if i don't buy, i just love to look at clothes. it is like looking at some photographs that you like. the photographs that you are not in it, but love to be so. 
today i looked at the 2011 S/S collections again, maybe for the 4th time. this time i picked out the ones that i liked the most. 

3.1 Phillip Lim
i can't say that i loved the Phillip Lim's S/S 2011 collection as a whole. but these are the 2 looks that i liked.

what i really like in BCBG's collection was its sleek, chic and effortless looks. this dress was the one that i liked most.

Burberry Prorsum
i'm not really a burberry fan, except its trenchcoats which are true classic. however, this dress is one of my favorites in all S/S collections. 


Celine is always simple and chic, but i don't really find it inspiring. yet, i wouldn't refuse a wardrobe full of it. from the S/S collection, these 2 looks were the ones i liked.


Chloe! oh i really love it. i can't really say that i'd wear all that Chloe puts up, but i have this thing for it. in every collection that Chloe creates, i find several pieces which i love love love. these 2 looks are in my favorites in all of this season's collections.

Diane Von Furstenberg
this one was the one that i liked most from the collection. but if i liked prints, i'd be DVF's #1 fan. she is the master of prints! colors, proportions, balance. and when i see a printed fabric of DVF, i can see her in it. that is the thing that defines an artist i believe; being able to see her/him in the work that comes out.

i'm not a big fan of Donna Karan. but this season i'm amazed by what she had put up. 
yes i know the heterogeneous masculine-feminine blend is a hit this season, but balancing is the hard part which distinguishes between the designs. some like to be on the edges, but apparently Donna Karan likes to play in the middle. i liked it actually. i really did.
i'm looking forward to go shopping after these 3 looks.

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana, italian. very italian indeed. this collection is consistent with the "real italian woman" obsession that D&G has, but there is something different about it. maybe it is because it is white and we don't see the loudness in the outfit. 
i liked the white underwear thing going on.
i really find the collection bold and inspiring.
Elie Saab
just as always. chic and feminine.

i have this gratuitous love for Erdem. and i like it when i like his collection.

Fendi! i like every collection it puts up. don't even need to talk about it. just great!

i like masculine looks. i can't be that bold and use more than a few masculine pieces, but that doesn't mean that i do not like it. i'd like to try it if i dare.

i like the lanvin woman but i don't really feel so close to her. even though that is the case i like these two pieces a lot. especially the red one.

Valentino's collection was the one that i liked most. i don't mean the every outfit separately. the collection as a whole was so cohesive, yet every outfit was inspiring and exciting. 
these ones i put up were the ones that i loved most. and loved a lot!

the fabrics are so elegant and beautiful. the layers are so adequate.

i know even the 2011/2012 fall/winter collections are out. but to look them up; collection by collection, garment by garment, i have to buy myself some summer clothes first. 

in the summer, under the sun, near the sea, on the "chaise lounge" surely i'd be digging the fall/winter collection.


i made

"mulled wine"

if it is cold and preferably snowy outside (like it is here now) and you have a wine that's not so good in quality (like i do): make some mulled wine. 
the wine that i've used however, may be below the "not so good in quality" line. anyway. 
just put some sugar, apple (the peel and some cubes) , lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a cup of water in a pot. bring it to a boil and add the wine.
cover the pot with the lid to prevent the alcohol escape. when you see the first bubble turn the heat off. don't boil the wine. keep the lid on for a few minutes. serve in sth that'll keep the wine warm. before serving the wine add some rum or vodka to compensate the wine's alcohol that vaporized. few tsp per serving is fine.
if you'd like to get tipsy without even drinking it, just smell the wine and inhale the alcohol evaporating. even if you wouldn't prefer to do so, that's what's going to happen while you are drinking.