i bought

"a hat"

from a boutique that i discovered recently.
last week i went to the "old town" part of the city with my friends. while we were wandering around in old buildings (which were inns once) and their beautiful courtyards, we saw one wooden building with small shops in it. 
not all the shops were open, but we walked around. on the 3rd floor i saw a cute, little hat shop!
then comes the butterflies in the stomach, increased heart rate and a stupid smile on the face. yes! the typical signs of finding a great place to shop.
i stayed in there for quite some time, yet i only got out with one hat. yet, contrary to many of my shopping experiences it was something that i really loved and i was 100% happy with.
it was a store with both newly made and 2nd hand hats, gloves and hair accessories. it was mostly for fall and winter, and maybe spring. but the owner said that there will be more to come in april.
but the main reason that i did not buy 70% of the store was the unfortunate evolutionary changes that are reflected to our bodies (in this case mine). i guess the people were smaller back then. by "then" i don't mean hundreds of years. even a few decades count. at these times i wish that i was more of a petit type. 
yet, lucky for me i'm much more into chic but masculine style when it comes to hats. and this is a men's hat that i bought.

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