i made

"mulled wine"

if it is cold and preferably snowy outside (like it is here now) and you have a wine that's not so good in quality (like i do): make some mulled wine. 
the wine that i've used however, may be below the "not so good in quality" line. anyway. 
just put some sugar, apple (the peel and some cubes) , lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a cup of water in a pot. bring it to a boil and add the wine.
cover the pot with the lid to prevent the alcohol escape. when you see the first bubble turn the heat off. don't boil the wine. keep the lid on for a few minutes. serve in sth that'll keep the wine warm. before serving the wine add some rum or vodka to compensate the wine's alcohol that vaporized. few tsp per serving is fine.
if you'd like to get tipsy without even drinking it, just smell the wine and inhale the alcohol evaporating. even if you wouldn't prefer to do so, that's what's going to happen while you are drinking.

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