i want

"mulberry tillie"

well, this is much more realistic than me wanting a Birkin. 
Birkin is my utopia bag and i don't like saying "i want this bag, i want that bag". talking like that makes me feel like betraying to Birkin and i could never do that! 
and for a long time i did not like mulberry, because i think that it is trying to be like a hermes (especially with alexa/birkin issue as if they are in the same league). no i'm not playing with words or attributing human behaviors to bags. and i most certainly am not a schizophrenic who thinks the bags are her friends and are like human. no! but i believe in them having personality a little. 
anyway... i still don't like alexa (not the Chung surely) but i like tillie a lot. 
well, it is like "alexa out, tillie in" anyways.
not like my love towards Birkin of course. but as a bag outside the utopia it is really adorable!
 *edit: well, i think it is quite obvious that i loved the croco.

*edit 2: no no no!  i want a mulberry bayswater bag. same color though.

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