i went

"over to my friends"

i like inviting over my friends and i love seeing them enjoy the food that i cook. but, i also enjoy being invited over to a dinner. 
last week i went to a friends' house for dinner. 
they told me to buy some bread and wine on the way, and i said ok. later on, i realized that there was plenty of time to "make" some bread instead. 
i had some rye flour and some regular flour. 
my rye flour on hand was enough to make 4 small ones. and i made 4 more from the white, just in case.
making bread is pretty easy actually, contrary to how it is perceived by many people. 
it is an "ancient" recipe, literally. flour, water, yeast and salt. that is all. it only takes some time. waiting for the dough to rise may be a problem if you have nothing to do meanwhile. 
when the breads and i were ready to go; i jumped into my car and got some red & white wine on the way. when i arrived at their house, the table was looking great and the smell of the food was appetizing. even if i wasn't starving, i wouldn't eat less! 
i don't always like to drink while having the dinner, so when we left the table to continue our chat on the sofas at the opposite side of the kitchen (yes they have a quite large one) i had a glass of white wine (then, continued on of course) and joined the others. 
the night altogether was really nice.
food, wine, friends. what could you want more?.. 
except the next day's hangover to go away.

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