i have seen

"l'odyssée de cartier"

and i loved it. here it is.

from the cartier panthers these are the ones that i adore.


i loved

"this gown"

from marchesa's s/s '12 collection.

i'm looking for a gown for an event in this (late)summer. it's quite early i know, but i looove to shop for gowns. this time when i like something it always turns out to be marchesa. but i can't really decide between an elegant, simple gown or a trash couture one.


i made

"fresh ricotta"

today. it is easier than it sounds.

 it was delicious on a country bread, topped with honey and rosemary. 


i want

"a perfect herb garden"

not a big one of course. just a few pots and some herbs. something that you can create at home, adore it and enthusiastically use in cooking. i have some basil growing, but it is really hard to be patient.