i bought

"some flowers"

to celebrate the spring to come. 
on the 3rd week of my holiday that i'm spending with my family, we went out with my mom to buy some cute pots(2 exactly) for the flowers in her kitchen. then we came back with 4 flowers, 5 package of seeds and 6 pots. 
one of the things that we have in common with my mom is our love for the nature. since we don't have a garden; buying flowers and seeds, taking care of them and having a quite broad vocabulary about plants are our common field.  

we bought 2 saintpaulias. i found the one on the right with white border on the petals. there was only one. and i got it!

then we planted our cyclamen in one of the pots we bought. this flower has a special meaning for my family actually . i lost my grandfather  last week. when we went to his funeral, the graveyard was full of wild cyclamens. i had never seen a wild one before 'till then. my mom got one and planted it in a can. today she replaced the can with a pot. 

 we also bought a stephanotis. it can be rephrased as an indoor jasmine.

while we were walking around the store, there was a beautigul fragrance. but i couldn't find the exact source of it, since we were surrounded by all of these flowers. then my mother told me "do you smell the liliums?". yes, she has a better knowledge about flowers! then we decided to buy one. they don't only smell great, they also look so pretty.

 i also bought some seeds. sage, basil, chives, parsley and thyme.

i'm hoping that the seeds that i bought will grow and resemble my mother's "in-door pot garden".

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