i baked


lately i realize that i'm into italian cooking a lot! yes, i like the flavors. yes, i love pasta. but there is something different about it. it is passionate. it is intuitive. i also love that there is no exact measurement in italian cooking.
anyway... what i tried out this time was biscotti. italian biscuit in a way. wait! this is kind of an insult. i apologize. biscotti is a twice baked almond cake slices. i don't know about all of the others but mine was with almond and espresso. this is nota kind of "biscuit" that you can eat all day. because it is a little heavy on almonds. but it goes well with espresso or other kinds of coffee. and the good thing is it holds up well when contained in a tight jar. 

it is a bit messy though

before baking

biscotti cooling down

singular: biscotto / plural: biscotti

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