i'm listening

"blower's daughter"

by damien rice, from The Closer soundtrack. i really love this song, the whole album and the movie itself. 

but i'm not listening this or writing what i'm writing right now from my own laptop. 'cause it's not working.
nowadays everything is breaking apart. literally. my laptop, my keychains, my wallet, necklaces, rings... they are trying to drive me insane. 
for the last two weeks i was travelling, taking photographs, shopping etc. now i can't upload any of my photos, because my laptop is not working. i can't even setup my ipad, well my laptop is not working. 
it is frustrating.
still, times like these make me realize how dependent i am to my "stuff". even when my phone has some kind of a problem i stress out without a rational reason. as if these "stuff" are my life support and can not be replaced.
i think every once in a while it is "healthy" to face situations like that to keep up with reality. 
lack of radiation did not kill anyone i guess.

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