i made

"banana pudding"

i know that i made chocolate-banana yesterday. and today it is banana pudding. opposite of what you may think, i don't eat much of the stuff that i make. especially sweets. i'm not a sweet tooth myself. i just taste them usually. that's why, no i'm not overdosing myself with glucose lately. 
few months ago i wanted some chocolate pudding. and i don't really like the stuff that are coming out of packages full with chemicals that make the stuff last longer. i want to make the things that i eat myself, from fresh. that's why i make my own pasta most of the time. the fresh pasta keeps up to a month at most, when dried. but for the ones that are in a package, it takes years to reach the expiration date. isn't it weird and disturbing? anyway. when i craved(!) for that chocolate pudding -which is rare- i wanted to make it myself. that was when i realised that it is really easy to make. i just don't know why people (until that time including me) just use the ready-made powders.
today i wanted to make banana pudding. and here it is.

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