i'm looking for

"the hairdo"

that will suit best to my evening dress thats being made. it will be like the Zuhair Murad dresses of 2010 fall. some changes and alterations... fabrics and tones that are more suitable for an early summer wedding of my cousin... it is a bit hard to find the shoes, especially before i see the whole dress. overall, i hope it will be stunning!

but i don't want my hair to be that sleek. i'll have a haircut these days anyway. so i can choose any of these styles that i liked and get it. i know the hairstylists don't like the customers going in the saloon with a photo on their hand, but there's nothing i can do. how do they expect me to like anything they do?

edit: my dress turned out to be a total failure. paying for it makes it much painful.

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