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"10 things that i can't do without"

some things are just you. with some things you can't even go outside. some are in your bag all the time. some, you can't live without. these 10 are my must-haves!

#1: scarf
i never leave home without a scarf, or anything around my neck. not even once i went outside without one. this GAP scarf was my favorite this winter and beginning of the spring.
#2: trenchcoat
especially a beige trench is what i want to wear all the time. it is classis and goes with everything. literally! if i'm going to the school, to a bar, to shopping or even a  nice dinner. i hate the times it is in dry cleaning.
#3: camel bag
camel -like beige- goes nearly with everything. that's why i love this color in accessories. especially bags. mine is a big LV flap bag. but i want a bayswater these days. 
#4: glasses
well it's not an accessory for me. i have to use it. but of course in the most fashionable way as possible. i have these prada glasses that i love. i never leave them when i go out, i can't leave anyways.
#5: sunglasses
i didn't like to use sunglasses before. believe it or not, i did not feel comfortable with them. then my mother bought me one and told me that if i don't use them i'd get wrinkles around my eyes when i reach 30. now, i can't go out without them. mine are black wayfarers.
#6: flat shoes
toms are my favorite these days. if not i like wearing beige converse. considering my destination is the school most of the mornings, it is suitable and practical.
#7: calendar
this is my one must have! i forget everything. without a calendar i really do. this is the one that i'm currently using. bought it from SF moma.
#8: ipad/iphone
not so much about ipad, but iphone is my savior. can't do without it.
#9: perfume
currently being burberry london.

#10: the 3 lipsticks
one nivea moisturizer. one sephora natural for the day. one mac red for the night.

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