i cooked

"for everyone yesterday"

after a long time (for me) i found some time to cook yesterday. and i really did the most out of it(:
right after my classes, i went to the market to buy the things that i needed and to get the little shrimps that i've ordered. however the order was delayed for another day, so i just cancelled and bought some jumbo shrimps. and some seabass. some fresh herbs too of course(:
here is what i prepared and cooked for the night: grissini, bread with fresh rosemary, roasted eggplants and paprikas, herb butter and olive oil with herbs, parmesan-arugula salad, tomato soup, shrimp with vegetables, seabass en papillotte, tiramisu.
we also had some good wine and some beer.
it took some time to do all these of course(: but not as much as it seems to be.

a nice dinner with fabulous people!

dough of the bread

herbs for the butter

olive oil 


en papillotte

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