i want

"to bake macarons"

it seems like there are many stories about the birth of it. one of them says the italian chef of catherine de medicis created macarons. catherine was married to duc d'orleans at the time, who then became the king of france(king henry II). so it is how it find its way to france. 
another story is that italian monks made it first. another one includes italian jews. 
i don't really know about history that much and i'm not into it either. but what gets me is that it had a little or no change in the recipe 'till today. the main ingredients are the same.
it's basicly made out of almond flour, sugar and egg whites. well, it is the shells. the filling could be anything like: mascarpone, jam, ganache, buttercream... the color variation -which makes macarons much much more appealing and cute- can be a result of the flavors added(like raspberry and pistachio) but it's usually done by food coloring -which i wouldn't prefer i suppose.
i really want to try to bake some at home...

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