i love


only when it leads me to the places i want to go. if not, it turns into a nightmare. it turns into a redundant time that i wait for it to waste away, yet feel uncomfortable thinking of the things that i could've done, places i could've been in meanwhile. 
this summer i was travelling along the aegean side of turkey. it was great! so peaceful... the summer before that it was interrailing in europe.
these days i miss that kind of a relief and get-away so much... sometimes i want to be in a rural village where it's quiet and no responsibility awaits, except some cute animals to feed maybe. 
or i could be in a nice city in europe - maybe paris, florence or venice. in a part where it's alive yet calm and slow. i could rent a small flat and live there for some while. go out for a walk afternoons. come back with some fresh flowers, watch the city from my window.

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